We help each person shape their own high-quality everyday life

Our mission is to offer a pleasant staying and visiting experience within the premises of IASO. By constantly having reliable partners by our side and adding more and more members to our team, we are building a chain of people that covers a wide range of services and meets the needs of every individual. Here we choose the way we want to live, create the right conditions and work as a team to make it happen. We invest not only in our medical and nursing services, which have been the long-standing foundations of IASO's dependability and trustworthiness, but also in services that offer joy and help our guests achieve everyday goals, in ways both big and small.

Medical monitoring

At IASO we have a "family" physician, who comes in daily, is informed about the history of each new guest and is tasked with monitoring and prescribing all required medicine. In addition, a large team of external doctors of all specialities, as well as therapists (specialists in fields such as psychotherapy, speech therapy, etc.) is constantly at our disposal and can visit us either routinely or in the case of emergencies for the necessary check-ups and examinations of patients who need them. Of course, if the guest or their family so wishes, they can also receive visits by their own external doctors. If the need arises for any medical intervention, for the safety of the patient, but also in accordance with the law, we udertake the transfer to the hospital/ medical center, always in consultation with the family.

Specialized care and active monitoring for patients with:

  • Dementia
  • Strokes
  • Alzheimer's Disease
  • Motor difficulties
  • Cognitive difficulties
  • Diabetes

Nursing Care

Our nursing team is one of the most important parts of IASO. They are always present and by the side of each of our guests, ready to offer 24-hour dedicated care, as well as friendly company throughout the day. Our nurses are there to support patients psychologically and emotionally and are always ready to respond to emergencies. They take care of the dressing and grooming of the guests and help them remain active and on the move so they can retain a functioning body and spirit.

Physiotherapy & Exercise

By emphasizing our patients' physical well-being and mobility, we help improve their mental health and create better quality in their daily life. To that end, we have at our disposal a fully equipped physiotherapy center with modern equipment, suitable for the treatment of a wide range of motor diseases and congenital dysfunctions, as well as exercise equipment (bicycles, treadmills, etc.) for our guests to maintain a healthy physical state. Each guest or visitor takes part in a program of daily physical activity and rehabilitation, adapted to their medical history and motor skills. With the guidance of our experienced physiotherapists, and always in consultation with the supervising physicians, important steps are taken to improve the motor function of individuals who are often relieved of intense muscle pain.


Nutrition plays an important role in human health, especially as we grow older. At IASO, we have our own cooks who prepare homemade food, cooked with love, using only pure ingredients and seasonal fruits and vegetables. Our dietitian formulates a weekly nutritional program, fully adapted to the needs of the elderly, which includes delicious dishes from both Greek and international cuisines. There is, in addition, the option of adapting the diet to the needs of each guest, either due to their personal preferences or due to dietary restrictions.


The safety of our guests as well as our unit is one of our top priorities. Our doors are locked every night, while all the floors are constantly monitored by high security systems. With advanced calling systems, guests can call overnight nurses immediatly. In addition, we are fully equipped and compliant with international fire safety standards, with alternative escape exits, walking assistance and protection systems as well as wooden floors that ensure the safety of our guests.

Creative pastimes

The artistic sensitivity and creativity of the elderly lead to psychological balance and personal fulfillment. Music, ceramics, knitting, gardening, reading, watching movies and many more activities available at IASO strengthen the bonds between our members, as well as their interpersonal relationships, filling their days with pleasure and reminding us of the strength of spirit and the lust for life we can all have at every age.

Beauty and personal care services

Outside appearance, personal hygiene and daily care play an important part in our guests' mood and contribute to the better quality of life we want them to have. In a specially designed area, we offer beauty services, such as hair care, manicures and pedicures and facial shaving with the help of professionals who visit our unit.

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